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The iPhone 5S will be a disappointment regarding the iPhone 5 - Ideal Digital

The iPhone 5S will be a disappointment regarding the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5S has little to show from the current new iPhone 5 , to the disappointment of many Apple users already took for granted that improved most popular phone in the world would be sizable. Nothing is further from reality. Possibly the iPhone 5S coming to follow the same line as the iPhone 5 that is on the market since the end of last year. Therefore, we should expect to find more product news in suing the company on the block. But only expected to be able to include two colors black and white, red and green.

The iPhone 5S and its new features, if any, will be discussed at the meeting for annual developers from Apple celebrated today. In addition, the company will present almost certainly its iOS operating system 7, which would in future integrated class=”strong”> , as expected.

The iPhone 5S , as recorded by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, is “another stagnation in the development of Apple” in terms of innnovación. In fact, he adds, “because Apple does not surprise its users with the models of iPhones and iPads that is brought to market in recent times, the very opposite of Samsung, its great rival.” The Wall Street Journal also affects errors such as mapping application born with Apple iOS 6 system has caused some doubt iPhone 5 when assessing the guarantees provided by the company Steve Jobs now that the technology guru has died.

The iPhone 5S will undoubtedly be one of the comidillas in the Worldwide Developers Conference. Tim Cool presented at this event the latest versions of Apple operating systems: iOS 7 and OS X 10.9, which arouse such excitement. Jonathan Ive is responsible for overseeing this system opertativo, which will be launched on the market in coming months. However, unless Apple gives a twist, some will surprise with the arrival in stores of iPhone 5S .

Five million iPhone 5 sold in 72 hours


six points his first iPhone release date: June 2014

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